Occuthon Dec 16th at 7pm ET

Join us this weekend for Occuthon! A 24-hr radiothon to benefit the Occupy movement and raise awareness. I will be co-hosting along with some other regulars of RadioOrNot.com. Occuthon’s web page is here.

Fantastic guests lined up , including Stephanie Miller, Nicole Sandler, Sam Seder, Tina Dupuy, Hal Sparks, John Fugelsang, just to name a few.

Occuthon will be available on numerous locations starting at 7pm on Dec 16th till 7pm Dec 17th. 24-hr non-stop radiothon.


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Presidential Vacation

Bush spent 487 days at Camp David, 490 days at his Crawford ranch, and 43 days in Kennebunkport. If President Obama wants to spend a few days, a couple times a year, playing golf then I say, GO FOR IT! Every president needs to have some time to decompress.

I prefer it not be 1,020 days out their tenure, or a THIRD of their presidency, but a few weeks a year is not too much to ask.

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Watch Fox News? And You Lose.

Study shows Fox News leads people to be even less informed than those who say they don’t watch any news at all.


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I am Florida’s Top Political Tweeter For December!

I am Florida’s Top Political Tweeter! #1 … Yahoo! Beat out Senator Rubio, Governor Rick Scott and the head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz.


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Florida’s Top Political Tweeters

I’m # 4 (@JillEBond) on ‘Florida’s Top Political Tweeters – For November’

1-@OFA_fl  (Obama For America-Fl)
2-@DWStweets  (Debbie Wasserman-Shultz)
3-@FlaDems  (Florida Democrats)
4-@JillEBond  (Jill E Bond)


Come follow me on Twitter!



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Could Cain Be Boarding the Cain Train Home?

Just heard from someone I know that was scheduled to be on FOX News tonight that her segment was cancelled tonight due to breaking news. I’d put money on CAIN WITHDRAWING FROM THE RACE.

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“Bimbo eruptions,” Mr. Huntsman, really?

Republican Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman qualified Herman Cain’s many sexual allegations and Cain’s thirteen year alleged extramarital affair as “bimbo eruptions.”


While I understand that Huntsman was trying to make the point that the media focuses on fluff and scandal too often, I take umbrage at his referring to the alleged sexual harassment victims, and the woman in which Cain is said to have had a thirteen-year affair with, as bimbos. Too often the victims are made to feel as if they did something wrong, that they asked for it. Where is Cain’s responsibility in this?

Cain called Ginger White “destitute” and “desperate,” stating that that is why he helped her. I see that statement as a double-edged sword. Cain seems to make it a practice to prey on women which he feels are vulnerable. The two women that each settled a sexual harassment suit with the NRA were employees of Cain’s. He held their jobs in the palm of his hand. Then we have Sharon Bialek that was offered “help” by Cain. When she rebuffed his advances he responded, “You want a job, right?”

So when Huntsman asks, “‘What about a (financial) downgrade that is being anticipated? What about Europe? What about so many other issues out there that we ought to be talking about and that people ought to understand where candidates come down on those issues?’” I say, yes, let’s talk about those issues as well, but you’d be wise to remember this:

Female victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault are not “bimbos,” Mr. Huntsman; they are your daughters, your wives, your mothers.

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My Interview with Jonathan Capehart

While guest hosting on the Nicole Sandler Show, I had the privileged to welcome Jonathan Capehart (MSNBC contributor) to our broadcast. Check out the entire interview!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Nicole Sandler’s Radio Or Not progressive talk radio program can be heard LIVE 10AM-Noon ET, Monday – Thursday


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Edwards Must Repay More Than $2 million

Federal officials say former presidential candidate John Edwards must repay more than $2 million to the U.S. Treasury. The Federal Election Commission found that Mr. Edwards’ campaign understated its cash on hand and overstated its expenses. In June, Mr. Edwards was indicted for charges of using illegal campaign donations to conceal his mistress from voters. His campaign was also found guilty of not itemizing more than $4 million in loan payments from the 2008 race.



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Palin is “a mother lode”?

Comedian Lewis Black is one of today’s finest social critics but there is one he seldom critiques: Sarah Palin.

While appearing on “The Green Room With Paul Provenza,” Black explains that while Sarah Palin is “a mother lode” of comedic fodder that he chooses not to take aim at her. And what possible reason could a comedian have for not accepting this gift?

“I could not live in this world if I believed she was a real person,” Black said.


“Green Room” airs Thursdays at 11:00 P.M. EST on Showtime.

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